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My story: Heroics

2009-01-19 21:39:39 by HoodedMiracle

Good news: Finished!

Bad news: Can't fit it here!


My online college class is open, and I'm looking through it. This won't be fun at all.

I MAY finish my story today. Big maybe. I just need to REALLY focus. >_>;

Also, I can't seem to earn any experience. My agitation is growing. D:<

It'll hopefully be done by Monday. That's the day before my new semester starts. Psychology. Geez. >_>;

I haven't started working on Flash yet. I really should. Maybe I'll write down what I plan on doing for the game, THEN make it. Or make a game, see what I can do, then go from there. Not too sure, really.

Anyway, I know that this is sort of wasted space. Just seeing if people aren't mostly jerks around here, I guess. >_>;

I loves me some peanuts. I'm like them hamsters from Hamtaro, eatin' peanuts like there ain't no tomorrow.

Also, I plan on posting some of my stories in the forum soon. I may post a link. >_>;

Too bad there are so many idiots. -_-

Also, I can't seem to earn experience. I write reviews and grade 'em, but I ain't gettin' any experience. Huh?

I can tell this place will be super fun. -_-

Anyway, I'm gonna plan out my game before I start working on it. I have the idea, but if ANYONE cares, I'll talk more about it in another journal entry.

For now? Pray that I can keep my page idiot and troll free.

Like that'll ever happen. -_-

Odd. This is my first day here, and I've already been banned from the forums! Crap!

I didn't think my thread would be considered spam! I thought it'd be a typical introduction thread with some thoughts on the flash game I was going to make. Instead, I get off to a rough start.

Gotta get better at this. If any mod or person from the thread read this, sorry if I messed up your day or anything. I'm not complaining about the punishment, more like the fact that I coulda done better. >_>;

Well, see you in three days, or something.