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Soooo close to finishing my story...

2009-01-19 16:19:06 by HoodedMiracle

My online college class is open, and I'm looking through it. This won't be fun at all.

I MAY finish my story today. Big maybe. I just need to REALLY focus. >_>;

Also, I can't seem to earn any experience. My agitation is growing. D:<


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2009-01-19 16:35:50

You have to vote on 5 submissions per day in order of gaining XP. Also, don't rush making that story, it's better to take your time a bit more and come up with a better ending than just finishing it.

HoodedMiracle responds:

I have everything planned out for the story. I just need to write it. Besides, I can always go back and re-edit it. >_>;

Does it have to be five exactly, or can it be two votes in one day?