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Banned from the forums for three days? What?

2009-01-11 19:18:07 by HoodedMiracle

Odd. This is my first day here, and I've already been banned from the forums! Crap!

I didn't think my thread would be considered spam! I thought it'd be a typical introduction thread with some thoughts on the flash game I was going to make. Instead, I get off to a rough start.

Gotta get better at this. If any mod or person from the thread read this, sorry if I messed up your day or anything. I'm not complaining about the punishment, more like the fact that I coulda done better. >_>;

Well, see you in three days, or something.


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2009-01-11 19:30:06

Read teh rules

Making "Hi, I'm new", "I'm back", or "I'm leaving NG" threads without significant content pertinent to your situation.

HoodedMiracle responds:

I thought I did post pertinent information with me talking about me wanting to make a flash game. :/