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Still writin' my current story...

2009-01-17 20:22:04 by HoodedMiracle

It'll hopefully be done by Monday. That's the day before my new semester starts. Psychology. Geez. >_>;

I haven't started working on Flash yet. I really should. Maybe I'll write down what I plan on doing for the game, THEN make it. Or make a game, see what I can do, then go from there. Not too sure, really.

Anyway, I know that this is sort of wasted space. Just seeing if people aren't mostly jerks around here, I guess. >_>;


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2009-01-17 20:30:40

We're mostly not. Mostly.

Good luck with the story :)

HoodedMiracle responds:

I dunno. A lot of the forum is illiterate, and from my experience, illiterates are idiots.

Thank ya kindly for the response. I plan on posting a link to the story once I finish it. I'm posting it in the forums. :D


2009-01-17 21:01:42

Great, I'll keep a look out for it :)

The forum can be a minefield at times, yeah, but don't let that throw you completely. It's like anything else, 20% of the people posting are responsible for 80% of the bullshit... Believe me though, illiteracy isn't related to idiocy, even around here :) It's the spammers that are the real issue.

HoodedMiracle responds:

Well, so far, the literacy rate here is like it is on Youtube; really, REALLY low. Otherwise, it doesn't seem too bad. >_>;

Thanks for watching out. I'll probably post it on the General board. Seems like the most appropriate spot. :D